Herb Grinder – Our Top Pick

Herb Grinder - Our Top PickFinding the right herb grinder is always an important choice. They will be the handy tool that you will rely on if you are going to get some weed crushed. There are certainly a number of choices that the market has to offer these days, it is your job to ensure that the ones you end up with is indeed right appropriate for what you need. Here are reviews from weedgrindershop of some popular grinders that you might consider getting.

2.5 Heavy Duty 2 Piece Acrylic Pollen Herb Tobacco Grinder

Affordable at $4.50 and does exactly what it is expected to of, this can be a go-to grinder that a lot of herb users might actually prefer going for. The fact that they do not need to spend a huge amount of money for buying one is always a good thought. It can be pretty generic, but a lot of customers have sworn over how reliable it is. Considering that they do not cost a lot, they may be worth the purchase.

GENERIC SILVER Four Piece NEW STYLE 2 1/4″ Herb, Spice or Tobacco Pollen Grinder

One cannot really go wrong with this grinder. It is quite affordable with a price at $5.50. It is expected to do what every grinder is expected to do. It is made from aluminum and features a pollen screen that is made from stainless steel. It also features an O ring to ensure that it has a really tight fit. Many customers who have tried it are exceptionally pleased by the fact that the screen holes are tight and small enough to successfully catch pollen from dry herbs.

SMART CRUSHER Cnc Aluminum 4pcs Herb Spice grinder 

This grinder is offered at $10.95. It is made from aircraft aluminum that is CNC machined. This ensures that the grinder has a really perfect fit. Expect that the cutting teeth will be razor sharp as well so herbs can be ground finely. One does not have to deal with huge chunks as well. Many of the customers who tried the products are impressed by its overall precision in the grinder action.

SMART CRUSHER 5 Piece Coffee Herb Pollen Grinder

This is probably the best that weed users can get if they are willing to spend $20 and less. It offers 2 layers of screen to ensure that every pollen is going to be caught. It also comes with a scraper along with a pollen press. This is definitely an upgrade from nay of the cheap aluminum grinders sold around. At $14.99, it is indeed a really good price.

SPACE CASE Grinder Sifter 

If you intend to find grinder that will not require you to have to buy another one ever again, then this is a good investment for you. It is a bit on the pricey side at $63.95. It is made from titanium which is incredibly durable. It is known for its quality grinding, its smooth action, as well as screens that are perfect for pollen. It clogs less when compared to other brands as well.


You will find that as far as grinders go, it is really how much you are willing to spend that will determine the choice that you end up with. If you are hoping for the best option, then the Space Grinder is going to be the best choice there is. A bit pricey, yes. But definitely worth the investment since it is at the top.

Best Drones under $200

Best Drones under $200A lot of people these days have been using drones for a number of purposes. For videographers, they are very useful in getting them very imprecise aerial sites and a different perspective to the videos that they are shooting. For people who have to take on such tasks as watching per a certain area or securing settings, these are very helpful devices that makes it easier for people to cover more grounds and to get a bird’s eye view of things.

Still, you do not need to be doing any of these things in order for you to actually want to get one. If you just like the idea of being actually able to learn how to pilot and maneuver one, then there are a number of these units that you can find in the market these days. They can be quite expensive if you go for the high-end ones. It would be best if you actually go for the lower-priced versions to avoid having to splurge way too much.

When you are still trying your skills on how to fly these devices for the very first time, going straight for the fancy ones would not be a very good idea. After all there is a good chance that you will make mistakes when piloting and the likelihood of you crashing the device will always be higher. It does not make sense of you to spend a great chunk of cash over something that you might end up destroying right soon after. So, going for the more basic options would be a good idea.

A very good training drone that you might want to try out that would cost you less is the Hubsan X4. This is good for beginners and it is quite affordable too. Expect a first person view when using the device. This is a quadcopter type and is quite ideal for those that are still novices when it comes to drone piloting

Another choice worth to check out is the parrot Rolling Spider. It is distinct for its removable wheels. It is a very good choice for aerial selfies too, thanks to the mini-camera that is embedded on the unit.

If you want to go for a choice that would be considered safer being a newbie, then there are units that are designed just like that too. For instance, there is the Blade 180 QX. The different configuration levels that it is equipped with makes it a much safer choice especially for those who are newbies that are training how to pilot the device. The unit also boasts of an embedded aerial camera.

For those how like indoor flying but would want to send less doing so, there is the Nano QX. The overall weight of this device is only a little over half an ounce. So, this is truly a very ideal choice size-wise if what you want to do is capture some shots while flying indoors.

If you are having a hard time making a choice though, reviews coming from people that have tried out these units before is always a good source of information, check if there were pleased customers that you are looking at. Then, you would at least know what to expect if you are to seek these units out.

Best Money Making Hobby using Metal Detector

treasure metal detectingMetal detectors have been developed long ago for the sole purpose of locating metal from underground. It was used before as part of the military for locating mines and their hidden ammunition. It is also used for security such as the ones used in malls at the entrance. Metal detectors, like at bestmetaldetectorshq are used in multiple cases because of its great functionality that is applicable for so many usages. Because of it clear function; it is being used as a detector for precious metals by treasure seekers. For treasure seekers, metal detectors carry a huge part because without it the treasure seeking would become more difficult because they would not have any idea of where to start digging especially when digging would take great amount of time and effort to finish the process. If you are interested in treasure seeking to gain some extra money, then you should first understand that this should only be taken as a hobby due to its high risk where there is a high chance that you would only find junk pieces because there are so many buried items in the world and most of them are not valuable at all. So it is more of a gamble to gain money but if you do hit jackpot then it would lead to a huge amount of money. Out of all the hobbies that are known, treasure seeking is one of those that would lead to giving you lots of money or nothing at all but if you are having fun in the process then it is truly worth it.

To assist you in your treasure seeking, people would often say that you should seek for the best equipment for the job which means to have the best metal detectors that are available. What should be acknowledged is that the best metal detector is that one that would fit its user wherein the user would be comfortable on using the equipped or device in his/her ventures for treasure seeking. There are a lot of metal detectors that are available such as the Fisher series, Garrett Ace series, White series, and a whole lot more. All you need is to find the one that is most suitable to you. You should also look into those what are compatible for you as a user because there are metal detectors made for beginners, for experts, and even for kids. You can purchase used metal detectors if you do not have the money to buy new ones since they will still give you the same function and that is to locate metals that can be found underground. There are a lot of available metal detectors in the web so you can just search there for metal detectors that are available near your area.

Constantly remind yourself that even when you hit jackpot, there is no guarantee that treasure seeking would help you maintain your lifestyle so you should always prioritize your regular job more than this hobby. Only take this for stress relieving and nothing more.

10 Gigantic Influences of Miter Saws

The miter saw is widely used on woodworking projects, especially on huge wooden materials. It is an essential power tool that can be used on any kind of work in carpentry. The influences of this machine is really great that it is widely used in the woodworking business, mostly using the power kind rather than with the manual. Before moving on to the greatest impact of the miter saw in the woodworking industry, learn first a few information about what are the different types of the miter saw and its features.

The most popular form of this woodworking machine is the power miter saw, largely seen in every woodworking business because of its handiness and portability. There is the manual miter saw, too, which is the basic form of this machine. It uses a saw that is suspended on slides rollers through a metal guide that makes use of a miter box, thus allowing the creation of accurate miter cuts and crosscuts. There are some that still make use of this machine occasionally, especially amongst the enthusiasts of manual labor.

miter sawHowever, the use of the manual miter saw is largely displaced with the power miter, or the use of the power tools in general, which you can read more about here. It is also known as the drop saw, which is a machine used in creating quick and accurate crosscut on every workpiece at a chosen angle.

The 10 gigantic influences of the Miter Saws is based upon how the owner makes use of it. If it is done in a proper way, the woodwork pieces are going to turn out incredible. Here are some of those impacts with using the miter saws.

  • The miter saw will have the greatest influence on your woodwork if you don’t drop it too fast on the material. Doing so will result into a splintered or rough cut into the wood. This is true especially when you are cutting narrow and thin pieces. You must give the machine at least a couple of milliseconds in order to reach its full speed. When you lower the miter saw onto the material, do so at slow speed.

  • Make use of a sacrificial fence so that you can avoid the small pieces from launching randomly in the room.

  • The miter saws can be very heavy, not to mention awkward when you carry it. Make sure that you carry the machine by its base, even if there are handles built with them.

  • The miter saw can create dust in a very notorious manner. Even if it comes with collection bags or hook it up to a vacuum, it can only do so little about it. It is best to use a ABS plumbing elbow that will fit right into the dust chute.

  • The fast way in cutting up bunch of parts in the same length is by positioning its first then mark its location by the end of the saw base using a pencil. This will be used as a guideline for the rest of the parts.

  • Another great influence that the miter saw can do to you and your woodworking projects is by wearing a protection for your ears when you use the miter saw. They are very loud and has the tendency to damage your hearing.

  • When you want to shave off with just a tiny bit with the miter saw, lower the blade at a point where it is not spinning. You push the material up against the blade’s body.

  • Make sure that you screw the guides onto the base of the machine.

  • Since the miter saw is a bulky machine, avoid crossing your arms to hold the wooden material. This is especially the case with left handed people.

  • When you cut the wide boards on the machine, it should be done on the best side down.

There are probably more great influences that you can do with the miter saw machine, but these are just some of the things that will be of great help to you when you work with the machine.

Body Shapers: What Are Your Options

body slimmersBody Shapers, what are they?

A body shaper, like those on shapewearexpert.com is an undergarment or something that is worn that is able to change the shape of anyone’s body. This is usually used by people who think that they have more body weight than usual. This is also used to achieve the so-called “body goals”. Body shapers are usually used by people who are too lazy or people, who do not have any free time to work out, go to the gym or even exercise. Body shapers give the opportunity for lazy people and those without time to work out, go to the gym or even exercise the ability to change the shape of their body to achieve the “body goal” they wanted in a short amount of time. Body shapers give a chance for those bullied and made fun of because of the shape of their body a chance to make those bullies stop. These body shapers are the reason why those shy people because of their body becomes full of confidence. Body shapers come in different shapes, sizes, texture, the way you wear them and different uses. There are a variety of choices for different kinds of uses for the different kinds of people.

The Types of Body Shapers

  • Waist Trainers- Waist trainers are garments worn at the waist to change the shape of one’s body. Waist trainers have two uses which is medical reasons and fashion reasons. The medical reason is to straighten a crooked spine while the fashion reason is to make one’s waistline smaller.
  • Butt Lifters- This type of body shaper is commonly used by women. Butt lifters are undergarments that try to shape up and make a person’s buttocks firm. This is commonly used by older women because age lessens the elasticity of the skin making the buttocks not firm and shaped properly.
  • Girdle- A girdle is a long and firm undergarment usually worn by women. Women wear a girdle to change the shape of their body and to make their waistline smaller. By wearing girdle even people that has a lot of weight is able to achieve the so-called “body goals”.
  • Spandex- A spandex body shaper is a firm and more durable undergarment that is rubber based. A spandex has the ability to alter an individual’s body shape to make them slimmer. This is commonly used by women.

Body shapers do not only make women or even sometimes men slimmer and have the perfect body, but body shapers also give men and women the ability to be confident. There are a lot of body conscious people in the world, but because of the body shapers they have learned to get rid of the consciousness and gained confidence. Body shapers have the ability to boost one’s morale and confidence just by wearing them. Body shapers may only be undergarments made of rubber or undergarments made of spandex, but body shapers carry a big role in our body conscious society today. Body shapers are life savers.

USB Microscope Guide

usb microscopeSince then, microscopes were used in various establishments particularly in school laboratories. The commonly used one is the high power or compound microscopes. This kind of microscope is highly preferred because it can deliver up to 1000x magnification. It is used by putting an object in a glass lens and zooming in the images through the eyepiece using the high power and low power objectives. In this way, observing the minutest composition of living organisms can be viewed at its best. But this type of microscope is disadvantageous since it is quite bulky and not handy. It is “old-school” since of course it is commonly used a long time ago and yet, is still 100% reliable at the present times. However, if you are looking for a more convenient and performance specific microscope, you can use the USB Microscope or Low Power Microscope which is now popularly known in the market. Unlike the compound microscope, it can capture images and videos while viewing through the object without using any glass lenses. Though it cannot deliver the same magnification with the compound microscope, it can still provide the perfect images for your own definite use. The following are guides in using a USB microscope mostly for starters.

Install device software and plug in USB to a computer’s port.

Once you have already obtained your USB microscope, you need to install the device software that comes with it which is stored in an optical drive or CD. Sometimes, this software can be downloaded online depending on the model you are using. If you have already set it up the software and plug in the USB, an image or viewer will be available in your computer. You can also use your television’s port as your viewer.

Focus. Adjust. Capture.

As soon as you set all things up, you are now ready to use your USB microscope. You need to hold the microscope and focus it to the desired object. It can sometimes view even distant objects. You must also take in consideration the battery capacity of your devices because this microscope gathers light from them unlike the compound microscope. You can also increase or decrease the magnification of the image as well as the image brightness and contrast. Thus functions are available in most USB Microscope but you can disable these functions if you want. You have already focused the microscope to the object; the image will appear in your computer or television. Furthermore, you can also take a picture or record the images shown by your object of focus. You can do this by clicking the capture button in your viewer as shown in your computer or television. If you want to get a video, you just need to click the record button found also in the viewer. You can also send and print images go other devices.

Generally, with the advancement of technology, a lot of devices become more portable and can be divided for particular uses. They are very comfortable to use for kids or for hobbyists like coin collectors as it they might not require high magnification in the objects they want to capture. The use of usb microscopes can be a more fun because they cannot only be used in the confines of the laboratories but also for more personal reasons. Its portability and manipulability makes it convenient.

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